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Get the best medical billing solution, complete with integrated, state-of-the-art services custom-made for your organization.

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Mastermind Billers is dedicated to providing quality billing services that add value to medical practices. If you want all claims paid medical billing, Mastermind Billers is the right choice as we have the experts, technology, and commitment to provide our clients 100% customer satisfaction. Our team has exceptional knowledge of this industry and its standards are unsurpassable.

What Mastermind Billers Can Do For You?

Our seamless and streamlined efforts, experience, as well as the commitment to our clients, all come together to provide both you and your patients a remarkable experience. We clear claims faster using our expert-level knowledge and strong relationships with insurance companies. We track each claim from the time it is processed till the time when the entire payment is received and ensure that all denials are followed up on and appeals have been filed in a timely manner.

Our Services

Not only do we provide EHR and Practice Management, but our portfolio of HIPAA-compliant services through MediFusion’s integrated suite of software has helped practitioners across the States.

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Our onboarding is simple and easy. Sign up today and let one of our experts get you up and running to experience our innovative healthcare services and products firsthand. We communicate with you every step of the way as our dedicated team assigned to you will have to be available 24/7 dedicated account manager.

Client Testimonials

Time has changed Mastermind Billers has enjoyed positive growth, adding products like Free EHR, Cost-Effective Practice Management, DocuHub for data sharing, and Patient Engagement solutions. Our top-ranked software and technological proficiency, combined with skilled resources, have resulted in decreased denials and improved cash flow. Our focus is on expanding our offerings to help clients improve patient care and achieve profitability, while maintaining accuracy and quality.
Dr. Shams Family Physician

I am glad to hear that you are satisfied with the service provided by Mastermind Billers and that Mr. John has been prompt in responding to your emails and questions. It's great to know that the billing process is efficient and that the team is accommodating. Their professionalism and smooth operations contribute to a positive customer experience.

Dr. Daniel Senior Psychologist

I'm delighted with Mastermind Billers' service. Mr. John is impressively responsive, promptly addressing my emails and inquiries. Billing processes are seamless, with immediate transactions, and everyone is exceptionally accommodating. The overall experience feels incredibly smooth, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dr. Harry Family Chiropractor

I'm pleased with the exceptional service provided by Mastermind Billers. They promptly responds to my inquiries and emails, ensuring that billing processes are seamless. The team's accommodating nature and efficient handling of transactions contribute to a smooth experience overall. It's reassuring to have a reliable point of contact for any billing-related matters."