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Credentialing & Re-Credentialing

At Mastermind Billers , our team of professionals maintain expertise in the provider credentialing process, including staying abreast of changes in the industry, credentialing trends, and payer requirements. As experts, we take on the credentialing process from start to finish. That means our team takes on all of the responsibilities that typically fall on your staff, freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks. We track the completion and collect the necessary documents; complete the credentialing process; send applications to payers; and then swiftly respond to all requests for corrections or any additional information from payers. At Mastermind Billers, we assign a team of expert to track re-credentialing deadlines and initiate, and complete the process each time your practice is due for re-credentialing.

Enable Your Practice’s Success

Trust the experts at Mastermind Billers  to help you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing all at a low cost! No more cash flow problems & not being paid. No more data errors. No more accidental expirations, we’ll end all your headaches. Contact us today.

Credentialing is a Vital Component

Provider credentialing is a foundational task as practices offering services that cannot be billed is neither feasible or nor sustainable for a medical organization.

The credentialing process ensures that the provider meets the required standards of the medical organization and its payers, as well as identifying the risk factors early on to reduce the risk of any adverse outcomes. Not to mention, credentialing is a great way to improve PR to attract new patients and gain their trust.

Although credentialing is time-consuming, it protects your revenues, limits risk of any potential loss, and enhances your practice’s overall reputation.

Focus on Patient Care

Many practitioners tend to try and manage a medical provider credentialing process in-house. However, after reviewing the expenses, most have found that outsourcing to Mastermind Billers is a cost-effective approach.

When you outsource your credentialing to a team of professionals, your efforts can be consolidated; where your staff might be credentialing one or two (or maybe twenty) providers at a time, our team at Mastermind Billers is capable of credentialing dozens of providers all at once, every day. This not only save you money but valuable time for your staff to focus on more important task, ensuring the growth of your practice.

Let our Credentialing Service to take on the work of provider credentialing and ongoing maintenance. Our experts know all the payers, what they need, and what actions are required to get successfully credentialed. Mastermind Billers  provides monthly updates and complete transparency throughout the payer credentialing process.