Boost Your Revenue with Efficient Denial Management Solutions

Our Experts Track Every Claim Using Simplified Approach for Effective Aging AR Recovery


Reliable AR Management Services

Mastermind Billers assists you in submitting error-free claims, analyzing rejected claims, and tracking down denials and non-payments. Our top of the line and quality Medical Billing AR  services include:

● Improve provider documentation and enhance data reporting.

● In network and out of network AR follow up

● Workers Compensation Follow up

● Negotiations with claims adjusters

Rule Based Denial Prevention

Our top of the line claim scrubbing tool ensures that we not only spot errors in claims before submission but fix it systematically. Our fully customizable rule based system is designed to prevent denials related to coding, LCD policy, payer, gender specific rules and any other rule that may be specific to your specialty type or practice.

Minimize Denied Claims & Get Timely Reimbursements

We, at Mastermind Billers, ensures that our client get paid faster by providing efficient Denial Management solutions to resolve, as well as, address the root cause of every denied and rejected claim. Our dedicated team investigates and reviews all denials, efficiently resolving and resubmitting insurance claims. We systematically identify and address the issue so you can get paid in on time.

We provide comprehensive medical billing and revenue cycle management for clinicians, practices, and hospitals.

Better Collection Rates

Our Denial Management team can help you increase payment recovery by spotting the root cause of all denied claims and providing the necessary tools to facilitate timely resolution. With our integrated suite of software MediFusion, denied claims are automatically routed to appropriate staff members for immediate follow-up and systematic corrections.

Customized Reporting

Mastermind Billers  is a complete medical billing solution as we frequently follow-up on each and every claim submitted to insurance company until it is processed and resolved. Be it big or small, Mastermindbillers A/R Follow-Up services has an attention-to-detail approach to ensure your practice receives the highest level of reimbursement possible for your services.